Northern Wind Trade Co.

hand stitched leather wares; mementos for tireless souls


The Creative

NWTco. founder Leana was raised in the north where she learned the art of craftsmanship and creativity from her late grandfather. Pepere was born and raised on a rural Quebec, Canada farm and brought everything from tree branches to acorns to life in his basement workshop. A skilled craftsman, he taught her the ability to create and shared a value for hard work and vision that set the tone for a deep appreciation for all things handmade.

For that very reason, NWTco. is for those who pour their life into their work and value the ability to pass this drive onto generations to come. The ones who hustle, search, live, eat, and breathe just to find their calling. These killer goods are for you.

The Quality

NWTco. prides itself on durability and transferability. The style of NWTco. goods is designed for the ones who pour their life into their work. From the sketches, to the last cut, and addition of pure US brass and nickel hardware, style is not just first and foremost but it's integral in durability. Style matters, and NWTco. strives to create handcrafted, killer goods for the ones who hustle the most.

Quality is of equal importance as style. NWTco. pieces are made to order, allowing for complete control over the design and stitching process. Ensuring quality through this hands on process is NWTco.'s purpose, delivering you the finest stlye and quality to last generations to come. 

The Process

The process behind NWTco. goods is intentional and time intensive. Hides are selected by weight, color, and durability from US tanneries. Designs for each bag or accessory are curated in house. After hides are cut, the four step hand stitching process ensues, giving completely control over the durability of NWTco. products. Once complete, the goods are inspected before being delivered to the new owner.

The future of NWTco. is to incorporate more than leather in these wares while remaining true to the purpose of NWTco. Designing functional, crafted pieces built to carry on for generations to come and inspire the future.

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