Northern Wind Trade Co.

autumn 2017

Leana ZonaComment

When I was a child, much of what surrounded me was full of creativity. My father designed and built our kitchen with family. My mother tirelessly collected craft supplies and scrapbooks; always making personal gifts for those she loved.  My sister always connected closely with song lyrics and cultivated an inspiring way of looking at the world…
And then there was my grandfather, Pepere. A skilled craftsman who grew up in a rural province in Canada called La Patrie. Spending time in his basement workshop was where I discovered the empowering feeling of creating something beautiful from natural materials. To this very day, I approach my work with that same childlike curiosity and wonder that I had in that basement workshop growing up.  The very last words my Pepere said to me before his passing in his wonderfully broken French-English way of speaking were, "You work for Leana."  It's something I will never forget.
For this Autumn release I tried to capture what I've learned as I've grown over the last two years as a business owner. Managing books is hard. Narrowing down suppliers and quality brass and nickel is a must. It's been a learning process from the start - no doubt about it. But as life became super real earlier this year when my partner and I bought our first home (ADULTING?!), I took time away from NWTco. to focus on my space and my underlying passion for the work I do.  Just like Pepere's basement workshop, I built a shop space of my own. I redesigned products and stitched until my fingers were numb. In the midst of it all, I remain committed to that creative lifestyle and independence that I yearned for so much as a child.
This autumn, I hope you'll find a re-commitment in yourself for whatever it is that drives your heart.  While you do, take a look at what I've crafted up for you. New leathers, new logo, new website, and new kickass leather wares. Ones for you to cherish as a memento for your tireless soul.