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All NWTco. leather goods are hand stitched with waxed thread to ensure maximum strength and durability. Over time, the leather wears and develops its one of a kind patina. the colors enhance and the leather becomes soft and clean to the touch. Natural marks from the cow should be expected as with any one of a kind, unique leather product. We use USA tanned 5-6oz hides for each piece and solid brass fixtures for longevity, all made in America.

Treating Our Leather Products

Oil tanned leather is used for all of our leather wares. The tanning process involves wax and oil, arriving at your door already treated and conditioned for maximum shine and wear.  When you choose to treat your leather product, opt for a leather conditioner or oil. Always check in a small area on your product before proceeding with the whole product.

Payment Accepted

We accept paypal, cash, card, check, and gift cards through Etsy. We do not accept or process wire transfers.

Custom Order

Custom orders are encouraged. E-mail to start the conversation about your one of a kind piece.


Interested in carrying NWTco. products in your shop? We'd love to collaborate! E-mail for consignment or wholesale inquiries.


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